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Box Sign Concept Design

Brand Manifesto



Role Played:

Art Director, Creative Director, Motion Graphics Designer

There were many different ideas I had for the look and feel of this video but ultimatley they were guided by introducing Skeleton's new brand guidelines into something visual. The Skeleton brand elements include the use of frames and these frames are based on different aspect ratios that are used in video outputs such as 16:9, 1:1, 4:3 etc.

The video uses these frames thoughout as ʻwindowsʼ that open up toshow the remarkable visuals flowing out and filling the space outside of the box (frame). Also using the frames as metaphors such as the conflict of a great idea being stuck inside someone's imagination and them not being able to let it out.

I also wanted to try out new animation techniques and create interesting visuals that mixed 2D, 3D and typography.

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