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Box Sign Concept Design

Sky Showtime: Brand Identity



Role Played:

Art Director, Motion Graphics Designer

I had the unique opportunity to work on a captivating motion graphic opener and closer for the esteemed TV and online streaming service, SkyShowtime. Drawing inspiration from giants like Netflix, SkyShowtime ventured into producing their own original content, known as 'SkyShowtime Originals.'

The project's objective was to create an array of concepts, showcasing how the ident would come to life through animation and seamlessly incorporate video content into the main SkyShowtime highlights reel. The challenge was to strike a delicate balance between preserving the brand's identity while giving 'Originals' its distinct, yet cohesive look within the SkyShowtime family.

To kick off the creative process, I passionately crafted 5 unique design routes, ingeniously combining various elements to ensure they stood out while maintaining a sense of familiarity. After careful evaluation, we narrowed down the selection to two core routes, which were then meticulously developed to visualize how the new design style would harmoniously blend into both online and TVC highlight reels.

As the project evolved, I embraced the task of animating the logo, producing captivating idents, and skillfully crafting seamless transition elements. These endeavors culminated in an impactful proof of concept, presented for the client's review, igniting excitement for the launch of this remarkable new addition to the SkyShowtime brand.

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