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Air New Zealand 'Hype Reel'


Air New Zealand

Role Played:

Art Director, Motion Graphic Designer

Air New Zealand has a monthly 'hype reel' that highlights what new content they have on-board. The reel has it's own brand guidelines that had to be respected such as the color blue representing 'movies', green for TV and pink for music.

The graphic style was based around circles and each month I was tasked to come up with creative ways to show these on various clips. It was a really fast turn around, creating over 10 graphics in a few days. The graphics incorporated a lot of rotoscoping which really helped to keep them dynamic. I worked on the Air New Zealand hype reel for nearly 3 years so have amassed a lot of work.

I also designed a new art direction which was intended for a refresh of the monthly highlights reel.

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