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Fiji Airways


Fiji Airways

Role Played:

Art Director, Motion Graphic Designer

Bringing Local Essence to the Skies

I had the exciting opportunity to work on a unique project for Fiji Airways. My task was to create a motion graphics package for their inflight entertainment highlights video, which is featured both onboard and across their social media channels monthly. This project was not just about creating visually appealing designs; it was about embedding the essence of Fiji into every aspect of the inflight entertainment experience.

The Challenge: Integrating Fiji's Cultural Identity

The brand guidelines of Fiji Airways presented a delightful yet challenging task. They featured an array of Fiji-inspired shapes and patterns, distinct and rich in cultural significance. Our objective was to incorporate these elements seamlessly into the motion graphics design, ensuring that each frame resonated with the spirit of Fiji.

Innovative Color Coding for Enhanced User Experience

In an innovative move, I decided to assign a secondary color to each onboard content category, adding an intuitive layer to the user experience. For instance, associating green with movies and red with music. This color-coding system not only added a vibrant aesthetic but also made navigation through various entertainment options more intuitive for passengers.

Crafting with Precision: The Role of Adobe After Effects

The entire package was meticulously crafted using Adobe After Effects, allowing meto weave complex Fiji-inspired patterns and vibrant colors into sleek animations, lower thirds, bumpers, title cards, and transitions. The flexibility and powerful features of After Effects enabled me to create a package that was not only visually stunning but also easy to update with new content monthly.

Outcome: A Fusion of Culture and Innovation

The result was a fully animated, custom motion design brand package that resonates with the Fiji Airways brand and its audience. It has been well-received onboard and across social media channels, with the unique combination of local cultural elements and modern design enhancing the inflight entertainment experience.

Reflecting on Our Journey

This project was a journey of cultural exploration and creative innovation. It taught me the importance of integrating a brand’s identity into every design element and the effectiveness of color psychology in user experience. I now apply these insights and skills to future projects, continuing to blend creativity with brand identity in exciting new ways.

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