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Ledger Academy


Ledger & In Good Company

Role Played:

Art Director, Motion Graphic Designer

Ledger, a platform exploring Web3 and crypto technologies, commissioned me to create unique images for their 12 categories on the Ledger Academy's "reading room" page. To achieve this, we delved into the essence of each category and designed 50 distinctive images using a combination of 2D and 3D design elements. Our extensive research and development ensured that each image captured the category's essence in a visually captivating manner.

To maintain visual diversity, we produced four distinct color options for each category and conducted extensive research and development to get the perfect look and feel for each image, resulting in over 100 outputs once the titles and logo elements were incorporated. Our designs were not only aesthetically pleasing but also effectively communicated the themes of each category, enhancing audience engagement on the Ledger platform.

We succeeded in delivering functional and beautiful images that captured the essence of each category while maintaining visual consistency across all categories. Our work improved the user experience and increased engagement on the Ledger platform.

Work Selects

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