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National Geographic: WWII: Secrets From Above Documentary


National Geographic

Role Played:

Motion Graphic Designer


In collaboration with National Geographic and Dinnick & Howells, I embarked on an extraordinary journey to retell the untold stories of World War II. Through the innovative use of motion graphics and projection mapping techniques, we breathed new life into compelling photography from the frontline, rarely seen archive film, and remarkable aerial reconnaissance images. The result was a groundbreaking series titled "WWII: Secrets From Above"

The Challenge:

The challenge was immense—to recreate crucial battles, daring bombing raids, and the development of the world's first weapons of mass destruction using motion graphics while maintaining historical accuracy and emotional impact. We aimed to transport the audience back in time, allowing them to experience the intensity and gravity of the events that shaped our world.

The Approach:

I harnessed the power of Cinema 4D to design and animate over 90 scenes with meticulous attention to detail. The first step was to match the historical imagery to their original locations. We sourced rare archival film and photographs from World War II, meticulously cross-referencing them with modern-day locations to create a seamless connection between past and present.

Projection Mapping for Cinematic Depth:

The heart of our approach lay in the use of projection mapping techniques. We skilfully overlaid archival images onto footage from the present day, merging the past and present into a single cohesive narrative. By doing so, we added depth and cinematic effects to historical photographs, allowing the audience to witness the historical events in a truly immersive manner.

X-ray Style Effect - Revealing the Inner Workings:

In certain scenes, we faced the challenge of showcasing the inner workings of certain equipment used during the war. To achieve this, we meticulously tracked 3D models of the equipment to real-world footage. The result was a stunning x-ray style effect that peeled back the layers of history, revealing the machinery's intricacies and highlighting the technological advancements of the time.

The Impact:

"WWII: Secrets From Above" was met with critical acclaim and captivated audiences worldwide. Through our motion graphics, we brought forgotten history back to life, fostering a deeper connection between the past and present. Viewers were immersed in the harrowing experiences of soldiers on the frontline, the bravery of those on daring bombing raids, and the profound impact of the world's first weapons of mass destruction.


Our collaboration with National Geographic on " WWII: Secrets From Above" exemplifies the power of motion graphics in storytelling. Through the use of projection mapping, we bridged the gap between past and present, evoking emotions and understanding of historical events like never before. My work in designing and animating over 100 scenes allowed me to bring depth and cinematic effects to archival images, leaving a lasting impact on audiences and honouring the memory of those who lived through these tumultuous times.

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