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Toniebox promotional video



Role Played:

Motion Graphic Designer

Project Highlight: Bringing the Toniebox to Life through Animated Typography

Introduction to the Toniebox

The Toniebox, crafted by Tonies®, is an innovative audio system designed specifically for children. This unique toy leverages the power of audio storytelling to captivate young minds, introducing pre-readers and developing readers to the enchanting world of narrative. Packed with music and stories, each Tonie character brings an added dimension of fun and learning to playtime. As a digital audio player, the Toniebox stands out for its cloud-based system that combines entertainment and education with an element of play, all housed in an intuitive and durable design made just right for kids.

My Role in the Tonies Project

I was entrusted with the task of embellishing a promotional video for the Toniebox. My mission was to infuse dynamic animated typography into the video to emphasize key messages and complement the voiceover. This involved intricate camera tracking and rotoscoping of the supplied footage to seamlessly integrate typography within the scenes. The challenge was not just to display words but to animate them in a way that mirrored their meaning, enhancing the overall narrative.

Creative Approach: Animated Typography

One of the highlights of this project was animating specific words to reflect their inherent meaning. For instance, when the voiceover mentioned 'hip wiggling', I animated the letters to wiggle, bringing a playful and engaging element to the word. This approach wasn't just about adding text to a video; it was about making the typography an active, engaging component of the storytelling.

The animated typography was designed to be as playful and engaging as the Toniebox itself, echoing the product's nature and the tone of the messaging. This playful style of animation aimed to captivate the target audience – children and their parents – and make the key messages of the video both memorable and engaging.

Conclusion: A Fun and Engaging Promotional Video

Through this project, I endeavored to create a promotional video that was not just informative but also delightful and engaging. The animated typography added a layer of fun and interactivity that aligned perfectly with the Toniebox’s branding and its aim to be the perfect first audio system for kids. It was a project that beautifully combined the realms of creativity and technology, reflecting the essence of the Toniebox in every animated word.

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