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Box Sign Concept Design

Truly: UK Launch Video



Role Played:

Art Director, Motion Graphics Designer

The Truly UK team wanted a promotional video to show the range of drinks that Truly has to offer. I was supplied footage that was shot in a studio and featured a range of different characters (actors) each showcasing their own style either through dance or their personality shining through. With this in mind I chose to assign each of these characters their own flavour and colour.

I also wanted to show the energy and feeling that the characters got when they drank the drink so I chose to accent and highlight certain features of each character through glowing line work which would also be used to connect the scenes together. Some of the designs didn't make it into the final cut due to client feedback but it was fun to design the frames.

I used Cinema 4D and Reshift external renderer to create the 3D look dev frames and final animations.

Click the top image to see video project.

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